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My Story

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I have chosen the field of Daily Money Management as I understand and value the important benefit of keeping ones' financial house in order;  we can live our lives more fully!

I  have been involved in the start up phase of many small businesses and I have owned and operated two of my own.  I have served in several non-profit  organizations at different volunteer levels.  


I enjoy giving back to my beloved home town of Boise by volunteering for the Wyakin Foundation for the past ten years and served on the Guardian Ball GBXII Committee in 2022.​  I now serve as a member of the SNAP Brigade for the Orville Jackson Post 127.  Volunteering with these two organizations has allowed me to give back to those who give the most!

Wyakin GBXll

My Story

Our WWII Army father served as a postman in the Aleutian Islands, and the family lore is that he was the first man from Idaho to step up from this state at that time.

Our WWII Navy mother served as a WAC, a WAVE and a PhM3 in San Diego.

My mother's family has served the Northwest and Pacific Coast in the funeral directing business for close to 100 years. Alsip-Persons in Nampa, Idaho carries my mother's family name of Persons.

Family Photo

After the war, they had their first set of children, and ten years later, their second set.

Before entering the public school system, I was always with one parent or the other.  If I wasn't tagging along with my father to Gowen Field or down to the State House, I was with my mother going up to the Veteran's Home.  She would often take food on Sundays and visit the "old war horses" or go pay a visit to  someone who was ill. 

I grew up with a great awareness of my family's responsibility and duty to the community, and I consider this the greatest gift from my family.

I moved to California in the early 1980's and worked in the Hotel/Restaurant industry and married 
 in 1990.  I gave birth to my only 'cygnet' in 1991; Kyle Jacob, my son. I was blessed to be home with him until he entered school.  I entered back into the work force full time in Sales & Marketing when he entered kindergarten I stayed in Sales & Marketing until 2009, when I decided to make a change and become a massage therapist.
After my son graduated from High School,  I returned home to my beloved Boise in 2013, and established my massage practice at JMZ Spa-lon. In 2019, I decided  to return to Boise State University to complete my life long dream of obtaining my Bachelor's degree, and received a B.A. in Multi-Disciplinary studies graduating in May of 2020.  My focus was on Leadership, Project Management and Aesthetics in Business.   

During a recent vacation with my cousin who has been a DMM for several years in California, we talked in depth about all that is required for Daily Money Management. I decided become a DMM and knew I would enjoy supporting Seniors and Solo Agers. I also knew that my past  employment, education and volunteer experiences would be a good fit for becoming a Daily Money Manager in association with the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM).

Boise has always been a very special place, and I am proud to serve my community and be back home!

Photo of Boise, Idaho
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