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About Face...Forward, March!

Sometimes, you think you are heading in one direction, and suddenly you realize you need to turn directions and follow a different path. In the business world, we now call this 'pivoting' - changing direction in an instant and moving in an entirely different direction.

This instantaneous change in direction can cause us to either become upset and agitated (which I have found generally doesn't do much good in the long run) or we can choose to step back, take a deep breath, and decide how we will now move forward with zeal, zest, enthusiasm and grace.

When these types of events happen in my life, I have learned that taking a moment to regain my thoughts and balance my emotions, and have a talk with my 'C.E.O.' (most of you may refer to Him as GOD, I prefer to call him Jehovah), and as Oprah Winfrey says; "Observe what this lesson is teaching you."

Sometimes life is like this.

An 'About Face - Forward March!'


What a trip!

Photography by AJDelaney

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