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Are You Coming or Going?

You've decided to start something new - perhaps you have a desire to learn a winter sport such as skiing, which in my neck of the woods, you can now do until almost mid-Spring. Our closest place to ski in Boise recently announced they will be open for the first time until early May.

You've only waterskied before, and you are pretty good at this sport, but you aren't fond of cold weather. Yet, something inside of you is bringing up visions of swooshing down a snow packed hill, feeling the brisk cold air in your face.

How do you move through the stages of envisioning what you want through the area of the unknown to experience and accomplish that original vision?

1). The Analyst - Analyze your associated costs: You find out all that it will take to learn to snow ski, such as cost of lessons, equipment, clothing, pass, food and gas to get there. You then are in a position to make your decision.

2). The Adventurer - Take the plunge: You go up with a friend not knowing the costs and just give it a shot, and let it be what it will be.

3). The 'Asleep' - Continue to dream about your desire: You pass your friend's invitation, and tell yourself you probably can't learn to snow ski anyways.

Most of my life, I've been the second one, simply take the plunge and make it happen, leading to many great adventures and some adventures that most definitely would have turned out more memorable if I would have planned better. I believe anyone who has even a touch of the entrepreneurial spirit has to have a sense of adventure in their personality, because it takes a plunge into the unknown to bring your vision into reality.

The vision/dream can be anything you have yet to accomplish in life. I've wanted to create jewelry for a few years now, and when I purchased supplies I simply bought beautiful beads, some string, and some tools. Those items sat in a drawer for several months until last November, when I created my first piece for a Christmas gift for a cousin. I believe I re-beaded that necklace at least six times, if not eight. That seems to be a learning style for me, to just dive in and figure it out. Now, I've watched a few videos, created a few more pieces, and feel more comfortable with the process. However, I know there is more to learn.

Your desire doesn't have to be starting your own business, and it doesn't have to involve becoming an influencer. It can be growing a garden, getting a pup and training it, or wanting to lose weight.

Honor the way that you learn and work, even if it is opposite from someone else's style. It took me a long time to realize that a visionary does just that, they envision. Others like to be in charge of the process, they like to take the vision and bring it through all that it takes to make someone else's dream a reality. Just stay awake - this life is too precious to simply sleep it away!

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