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Check Your Bank Accounts Often.

Today's 'Wednesday Wisdom' is to check your bank accounts often.

If you have Senior parents - make certain they (or you) check their accounts often.

If you are a Solo Ager - check your account often.

Cyber crime is only going to get worse, and staying on top of your account's activity will help you from paying for things you haven't purchased.

This happened to me again in the last 24 hours. I first checked the phone number on the charge in my statement and called it.

I then googled the business name to find it was associated with Facebook Marketplace.

I then called the number, and a voice came on that I was connected and to wait for a representative, and then music. About two minutes in, a recorded voice came on and said "We are experiencing high volumes of calls, if you would like a representative to call you back, please enter your number."

I did not enter my number.

Within a minute, the line just went silent.

 I immediately hung up, called my bank, and reported the charge as fraudulent.

I didn't realize when I decided to become a Daily Money Manager that I would learn so much about cyber security and scams, yet I am. This is one of the areas an effective Daily Money Manager is trained to spot for our clients, and it truly doesn't matter what age you are, as we all are susceptible.

Check your bank accounts often.

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