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Cleonar - the Cloverdale 9th Reindeer

Once upon a time 

in that little town of mine 

in that great northern land of IDUNNO, 

Lives the ninth reindeer, 

a little girl who is so dear, 

and her eyes shine bright as diamonds in the snow. 

We never hear her name 

in that song with all the fame 

'bout Rudolph and his shiny red nose. 

But it be TRUE DAT! 


when it comes to keeping Santa on his toes! 

You never hear her name 

and she never claims her fame 

as her job is the hardest one of all - 

She keeps the children happy, 

and the other reindeer snappy 

as Santa sails throughout the Winter Glow. 

She sits on Santa's sleigh, 

Rides beside him all the way, 

Standing guard while he shimmies down each soot-filled chimney. 

Always making certain 

that the 'wizard behind the curtain' 

never skins neither one of his round and chubby knees.

Her eyes will only shine

throughout all space and time

In the split second when children open up their presents.

For then she truly sees

Past Santa’s old and chubby knees 

‘Tis the season of Baby Jesus' presence.

Yes - the name you never hear

of Santa’s ninth and final reindeer

Is extraordinaire and oh, so right.

The meaning only our Creator knows

and Santa whispers (as he puts his finger to his nose)

To wish us ALL a peaceful and sacred Christmas Eve Silent Night.

C Creative 

L Lover of beauty 

E Epic 

O Obedient 

N Nourishing

A Ambitious

R Radiant

(The 9th CLOVERDALE Reindeer)

-ms. c.e. hesser@blackswanmusings

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