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February - The Month of #BIGLOVE


The month of what I like to call #BIGLOVE!

We have #Valentine's Day, #President's Day, the month of February has the last half of the #Pisces season mixed in it (Pisces are my favorite people!) and it is #BlackHistoryMonth!

All this goodness rolled into one single month!

It is also the second month in the Season for Peace and Non-Violence, a 64 day campaign to raise awareness about how to live in peace; with yourself, with others, with your community, and the global community.

My favorite part of this 64 Day event is the Daily Practices. It is easy and practical and can be taught within the family, the church, a group you are involved with that has an interest in peace-making, or simply by yourself.

It takes a different kind of strength to live in this world in a peaceful manner.

Why not give it a try?

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