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How Do You Start a Business? Eat Your Breakfast!

Credit - Black Swan Musings - ms. c.e. hesser

Starting something new can be extremely challenging, as it puts us into that unknown space in time where we have to exercise our faith in our current capabilities and allow our minds to open to possibilities.

I have found that in my life, the 'dream stage' is the stage I enjoy the most, because my mind can be free to operate on mostly on the visioning of the creation. You know, "When I do this, I see things I may do in my life that I am not currently doing." This can be serving a market you are interested in, what your life may look like when you have a full capacity of clients, excitement at the learning new ways of using technology to reach the public at large, or a myriad of other visions in how my life will change.

I've always believed that dreaming, envisioning, and imagining is part of the journey of our human experience. It is as essential to our presence on this Earth as our daily nutrition, such as eating a healthy breakfast.

I was brought up in the generation where we were told on a daily basis, "If you want anything, you have to work for it." Or, another favorite, "If you don't work for it, (whatever it was), it won't mean anything to you." I call these Bert-isms, parental guidance that my father instilled into all of his children.

Many people believe that the answer to the question, "How do you start?" is to make your bed. This could be starting anything such as learning a new art like photography, painting, or ceramics. It may also be making your first garden and researching how to start seedlings, when to know exactly the right time to planting your seedlings, and all that goes with growing a beautiful and bountiful garden.

However, I believe that the best way to start anything is to eat your breakfast. It is the first meal of each new day after our bodies have been sleeping. Some believe it is the most important meal of the day. I like to take the moments I am making breakfast to think about the day before me and how to approach it. While I am preparing the eggs in a tiny little pan that makes them a perfectly round object just like the eggs in a McMuffin. What items on the agenda do I need to approach first while I am preparing the celery, cilantro, and green apples, and lemons to make my juice. How will I fill up my newly opened calendar to make my week as productive as possible while I am spreading the avocado on my plain piece of toast.

Then, when it is all prepared and I sit down to breakfast, I do my best to simply focus on the plate that is before me, to eat slowly and savor each bite, enjoy the nutritious foods I have prepared for myself, and to just 'be'.

My theory may be completely wrong and totally go against the grain of the popular notion to 'make your bed' that many are used to, and that is totally acceptable. But I do believe that eating my breakfast in this manner is much more enjoyable than making that bed yet again!

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