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LEARN(Idaho) While You Earn!

One of the perks of being a LEARNIdaho member - earning a CE!

Becoming a member of LEARNIdaho offers a plethora of benefits to professionals within the caregiving community, with one of my favorite perks being the opportunity to earn Continuing Education (CE) units through monthly educational meetings.

LEARNIdaho, an acronym for the Lifelong Education and Aging Resource Network, provides a platform for members to enhance their knowledge and skills in various topics within the caregiving community.

Attending the monthly educational meetings organized by LEARNIdaho allows members to stay abreast of what is happening within the Treasure Valley as well as bringing the top professionals and businesses who are part of the caregiving community in this arena to share what the top trends, best practices and latest technologies are. The curated content is designed to address the evolving needs of professionals, ensuring that members receive valuable insights that contribute to their professional growth.

One of the distinct advantages is the ability to earn CE units. These units are crucial for individuals in fields that require ongoing education to maintain licensure or certification. LEARNIdaho's commitment to education is reflected in its accreditation, making the CE units earned at their events widely recognized and accepted.

Moreover, the interactive nature of the meetings fosters networking opportunities among members. Professionals from diverse backgrounds converge, creating a vibrant community where knowledge exchange is not limited to the presentations alone. This collaborative environment further enriches the caregiving community.

In essence, joining LEARNIdaho goes beyond mere membership—it is a gateway to continuous learning, professional advancement, and a supportive community. The accumulation of CE units through regular attendance at monthly meetings becomes a tangible and valuable asset, showcasing a commitment to excellence and staying current in one's field. Won't you join us in 2024?!

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