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"Loving Island" Meditation

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious and worried?

Enjoy this simply meditation by Bhante Wimala - and imagine your own Loving Island.

Close your eyes. Take your attention away from everything and everybody. Bring it to the present moment. Be aware of your body and relax.

These words were written and shared by Bhante Wimala, and the voice over is by Moon Tucker, U.S. Military Veteran.

"I become the detached observer and watch my thoughts, with lives of their own, flash and flutter, rise and fall, come and go.

So many butterflies outside my window and I smile, slowing my thoughts to rest. Kindly, I call them all to rest; motionless, effortless, all quiet.

A great and peaceful ocean holds me free from pressure at voiceless rest beneath the sea. With silent contemplation and inner awareness, the mind clears its way.

I enter the vastness and just beneath it, its gentle surface. A slow strong current of deeper self.

Currents of sanity, currents of love, currents of joy, currents of peace.

I am suddenly free.

Free from a noisy mind.

Free from a warring brain.

Free to embrace the beauty of all life.

Free to connect with my purest good, to know only peace and kindness, love and joy.

A moment of eternal freedom.

Liberated, my mind, the deepest part of me, rises from within and the small and subtle gentle treasures of silence speak to me.

As you remain in this peaceful consciousness, keeping your body relaxed, bring your attention into your breathing and feel the breath. As you breathe in, notice the sensation at the moment of your breath and take the word peace and feel peace in that breath.

With each breath, visualize that you are bringing your attention to the center of your chest, symbolic center of your heart, symbolic center of your spirit.

With each breath, bring your awareness to the center of your chest and visual loving harmonies, peaceful energy with the knowing that deep within you, you are a good person, a beautiful person, and you have spiritual essence within you.

Think to yourself; 'I am kind, loving and patient, I am kind, loving and patient.'

As you think these words, you will remember, recognize and accept the inner goodness, the inherent beauty, the spiritual essence within you.

I am kind, loving and patient. Deep within us, we are all kind, loving compassionate beings.

Sometimes we forget it, we walk away from it.

In this moment, we come back to that. We remember, accept.

Keep your attention on your breathing, pay attention to each breath.

Bring your awareness to the center of your breath and remember that spiritual essence. Connect with it, thinking 'I am kind, loving, compassionate, patient. I am kind, loving, compassionate and patient.'

Stay silent for a moment.

Remember your true nature, knowing that essence within you.

Remain in touch with your breathing.

'I open my heart to the universe to accept love and peace. In this moment of peaceful awareness, I become receptive to be, to love, to harmony, to healing from the universe, from God, from higher consciousness.'

Bring this awareness into this moment.

'I open my heart to the universe to accept love and peace, to accept love and healing.'

In this peaceful moment of stillness of your mind, calm and relaxed in your body, let's send out some prayers to your family and friends.

May they be well and happy.

May they be blessed with peace, harmony and spiritual inspiration.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Loving Island Meditation@BhanteWimala


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