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#Merry Christmas!

From my house to your house each year at this space in time,

We ALL come together to share stories and sip some fine wine.

Our tales seem to follow us, wherever we roam,

We all know that honestly, there’s NO PLACE like IDA-HOME!

We are ALL related, from you down to me,

In one way or another…Oh, Goodness!  Could it be?!

Don’t need to take a blood test to see if it’s true,

We ALL stand up proudly, for the RED, WHITE and BLUE!

Now Santa’s eldest elf has so much to complete,

She’s got to head out early to ready the reindeer fleet.

Helping Santa to spread happiness and words of good cheer, 

To bring children smiles that extend from ear to ear.

She shares with all she meets Jesus’ words, so simple and true,

Love God with All Your Heart,

Love Your Neighbor,

and don’t forget to LOVE YOU!”

  • ms c.e hesser@blackswanmusings2017


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Dec 24, 2023
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