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My MDD+ Christmas Wish for You

When I started my business as a Daily Money Manager just over a year ago, I reached out to Darra Wray, CSA and owner of My Care Companions. Little did I know that Darra also is the creator of My Data Diary+®, a simple and effective software program where I can store all of my important data for days like today.

It's a great day to be inside in Idaho, although I did have to change my plans. Last week, I thought I would be working with clients, but I had to take care of myself. After being not much further from my bed the last two days for much more than letting my dog out or feeding him, making certain I was taking care of myself, and binge watching Brothers & Sisters to make me feel better and occupy me while I am recupterating from a head cold, I realized I had to keep my commitment to #ChangeOneThing with Sheli G. I always feel better when I can get one thing done in my day, don't you?

So, I called my doc (after getting my password information and logging into MyChart), left a message that I couldn't make it in today, and that if they wanted me to do anything technologically based it would have to be done from their end, got some more sleep, and figured I would take the time to share why I use the MDD+ software platform.

Then I stumbled across a paper from a meeting I attended at a local church where Darra Wray was presenting about her product.

It is a list of questions. Only six, but six questions we ALL need to consider:

  1. Why is it important to know where all your important documents are located in the Digitial world?

  2. Do you know where your important documents are located, and who else knows where they are?

  3. Online passwords: if you can't even remember them most of the time, then who else can access your accounts if you need help?

  4. Who has legal permission to help you in a time of crisis, and do they know where you keep your important documents?

two more.

5. Who do you need to forgive?

6. Who do you need to ask for forgiveness from?

None of us get through this life without hurting someone we love, nor do we get through this life being hurt by someone we love. It would be a wonderful world if we ever evolve in our humanity to where this didn't happen, but it does, and often times we hold on to these wounds from the past and take them with us to our graves.

Since I've been learning the facts about Senior/Solo Agers and their specific needs, I have come to find that many of us who are now 'Silver Foxes' have many things to think about when it comes to this part of our lives, and taking care of our personal legal and financial documents and all the important data that is in our lives in one safe place. I've also learned that 80% of exploitation to seniors comes through family members.

Who is it that you do trust? A neighbor, a childhood friend, a co-worker?

I started using this product with my client base, and I also use it for myself. I have watched this product go from being a program on a USB port to now a downloadable software that doesn't go into the cloud, and on days like today, when it is a good day - the first Monday of the Advent season.

Perhaps a good present for your parents this year would be to invest in the software, help them get their affairs in order, so if an emergency arises, time will be saved.

Precious time.

In moments that truly matter.

Time and space are all we have - be conscious of how you fill yours!

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