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#National Family Caregiving Month: November 2023 - LEARNIdaho Leads the Way!

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

National Family Caregiving Month, observed every November, serves as a poignant reminder of the dedication, sacrifices, and invaluable contributions made by family caregivers. In 2023, this month takes on renewed significance, highlighting the critical role these unsung heroes play in supporting their loved ones.

This annual observance honors the commitment of millions of individuals who selflessly care for family members facing illnesses, disabilities, or age-related challenges. These caregivers—spouses, children, siblings, and friends—embody compassion, resilience, and unwavering support, often juggling multiple responsibilities with grace and determination.

The year 2023 marks a crucial turning point as awareness grows around the essential needs of caregivers. Advocacy for better support systems, resources, and policies to assist these individuals in their vital role has gained momentum. The focus remains on addressing caregiver burnout, financial strains, and the need for accessible healthcare services.

Events, workshops, and campaigns are organized to provide education, emotional support, and practical guidance to caregivers. These initiatives aim to empower them with knowledge, respite options, and opportunities for self-care, recognizing that the well-being of the caregiver directly impacts the quality of care provided.

Fortunately, here in the Treasure Valley, there is an organization that brings many of the resources required under one roof all at the touch of your keyboard - the Lifelong Education and Aging Resource Network - (LEARNIdaho) whose mission is helping people navigate the joys and challenges of aging and caregiving.

There are numerous resource topics available to support family members and caregivers in their roles, including health, wealth, lifestyle, caregiving, technology, elder abuse awareness and my favorite - community resources.

LEARNIdaho also offers basic computer technology courses for Seniors and Solo Agers at three different locations in the Boise area, the Dick Eardley Senior Center, the Ada County Library-Victory and the Boise Public Library. These are FREE and offer basic instruction on topics such as Youtube, Social Media, Cyber-security, and Online Health and Prescription Drug Resources.

National Family Caregiving Month is an opportunity for communities, organizations, and policymakers to collaborate, acknowledging the sacrifices and challenges faced by caregivers while striving to implement measures that offer meaningful assistance.

In 2023, let us use this occasion to express gratitude, raise awareness, and take meaningful action to support these everyday heroes who selflessly devote their time and energy to enriching the lives of their loved ones.

Perseverance - the Art of Fully Living Life!

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Alejandro Mateo
Alejandro Mateo
Nov 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I really enjoyed this post

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