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#NationalCaregiversMonth 2023: Top 8 Challenges of Family Caregiving

Family caregiving can be a mixed blessing. You want to be there for your parent as they were for you, yet you may have children of your own, along with a relationship with a partner and work responsibilities. Many adult children end up taking on the role of caregiving to their parent(s) while they are still raising children of their own. This is what is referred to as the "Sandwich" generation.

According to a recent article by Jack Kelly, Senior Contributor of Forbes magazine, "Middle-aged adults make up the majority of the sandwich generation. They are most likely from Generation X, between the ages of 40 and 59. However, according to the Pew survey, 19% are Millennials younger than 40, and at least 10% are older than 60."*

The top 8 factors you may face while serving as a family caregiver are:

  1. Financial Strain: The financial burden on family caregivers remains a significant challenge. Many caregivers have to cut back on work hours or leave their jobs entirely to provide full-time care, leading to loss of income, savings, and in some cases, retirement funds.

  2. Emotional and Physical Stress: The stress of caregiving takes a toll on the mental and physical health of caregivers. Depression, anxiety, and burnout are common due to the demanding nature of caregiving responsibilities.

  3. Lack of Support and Resources: Many caregivers face a lack of support networks, information, and resources. Access to professional advice, respite care, and educational tools is often limited, making caregiving more challenging.

  4. Balancing Multiple Responsibilities: Juggling caregiving duties with other responsibilities such as work, raising children, managing households, and personal commitments remains a prevalent challenge for many family caregivers.

  5. Healthcare System Navigation: Navigating the complex healthcare system and understanding medical jargon, insurance, and available services can be daunting and confusing for many caregivers.

  6. Technology and Access to Care Tools: While technology has provided some solutions and innovations, there are still challenges in accessing and utilizing the right technological tools and resources for caregiving.

  7. Inequity and Disparities: Certain communities or demographics may face disparities in access to care, resources, and support, intensifying the challenges faced by caregivers within these groups.

  8. COVID-19 Impact: The COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated the situation for family caregivers, creating additional health risks, limitations on accessing in-person support, and exacerbating existing challenges.

Where can a family caregiver turn to for help?

Fortunately for those residing in the greater Treasure Valley, there is a non-profit organization that has brought together professionals in the caregiving arena under one roof - Lifelong Education and Aging Resource Network, Inc (LEARN) is an Idaho based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to provide free education for the community by the community.

This organization provides information about caregiving resources, community resources, health, wealth, and more all available with just one simple click to their website. Their mission is helping people navigate the joys and challenges of aging and caregiving.

LEARNIdaho also provides FREE education sessions, which are provided by volunteer LEARN member professionals and partners.

There is also an incredible technological tool - MyDataDiary+® - which was developed by the President of LEARNIdaho and owner/consultant of MyCareCompanions, Darra Wray. This incredibly easy to maneuver software solution can store ALL of your important documents from medical records to your pet's records to legal documents such as wills/trusts, etc. There is even a section for military records.

MyDataDiary+® is NOT a web-based solution. There are security, access and cost benefits to being a local software solution you can still access on the go as long as you have your data files with you.

Web-based digital solutions generally require a monthly fee. With MyDataDiary®, we offer a FREE version which includes your personal and medical information, and if you would like the premium version, you pay once and OWN the software.

In celebration of #NationalFamilyCaregiversMonth2023, Black Swan Money Management is partnering with MyDataDiary+ to offer a the introductory version of their software for FREE!

Start now organizing personal documents and medical information for your family. The Introductory version of The My Data Diary+® software allows you to download and use key parts of our solution for no charge. Upgrade to the Premium version at any time for a one time cost to unlock ALL of the great features and capabilities! Be certain to enter the code BLACKSWAN for a 15% discount!!

*The ‘Sandwich Generation’ Is Financially Taking Care Of Their Parents, Kids And Themselves, Forbes, Feb 24, 2023,

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