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#Scam Stopper Tip - LEARN About AI Kidnapping & Ransom Scams

One of the topics that is discussed quite frequently in our AADMM Northwest Region Monthly zoom meetings (Washington, Oregon and Idaho) is the topic of keeping our clients secure both financially and personally. This topic comes up in our Business Basics zoom meetings as well.

The latest scam that I find absolutely mind-blowing and truly an act of evil is the act of virtual kidnapping and ransom by using a loved one's voice via AI to make a phone call and say they are your grandchild, your child, etc. The voice that sounds exactly like your loved one is full of stress, perhaps even crying, and asks the person being scammed to send money to help.

I would like to believe that most people on this Earth care about their elderly parents and even if there are family differences (as all families experience) that someone within the family is helping their parents navigate through all of the technological changes that they may not even be aware of or even care to use.

Things like:

Instructing your parents to NOT answer the phone for any number that isn't already identified in their cell phone directory. If the caller leaves a message, instruct your parents to let you or their caretaker know so that the message can be identified to be legitimate or not.

If your parents are still paying their bills with checks and submitting them in the USPS mail, instruct them to take them directly to the Post Office and be certain to hand them to a clerk. Perhaps your parents should also consider online banking, but remember that handling one's finances and driving a car are two very difficult things to have to give up, as they are touch points of our independence.

Alert your parents to be aware of anyone who comes to their door that is offering a 'free' service such as inspecting their roof. Anyone who is a legitimate employee will have an ID badge, and your parent(s) can always call the company to verify if the person is a legitimate company representative. This will help prevent any services that are supposedly 'free' being charged for after completion by the representative.

This recent article by Craig Gibson and Josiah Hagen was published on June 28, 2023 and explains in detail what AI kidnapping and ransom is all about, and well worth the read. Please take a few moments to read it and become more educated about this latest scam and help protect your parents.

My personal philosophy in life is that you either fight the 'good' fight, or you are part of the darkness, corruption and trouble in this world.

Stay safe.

Stay strong.

Stay informed.

Stay inspired!

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