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Small Biz Self-Care Lifehacks

Creating a small business is a lot of work, and it can be daunting at times. There are always challenges, and at times, it is easy to look at others who are at a different point in their small business than yourself and compare your skill set to theirs, and feel like you just don't have what it takes to make it happen. Perhaps you aren't as technologically adept as others, perhaps you don't have the finances that others do to make your dream come true, or perhaps you don't have access to a mentor as others do.

Doubt rises up, and it will continue to do so whether you choose our to move through it or not. If you choose to doubt your own capabilities and give it up, you will always wonder if you could have brought your vision into reality down the road.

If you choose to move through that doubt, and realize that most overnight successes aren't truly overnight, then can in fact take years in the making, you are taking another step toward fulfilling your dream.

So what do you do for Small Biz Self-Care?

I recently attended a three day webinar with the Master of moving through self-doubt, Tony Robbins. One of the exercises was to keep a list of things to do on a daily basis keep ourselves focused in just these types of moments in the journey. Everyone has a different list, of course, and I am sharing what I have found works well for me:

Morning Rituals

Pray and meditate each morning for a half hour including reading scripture and writing in my journal.

Not only does this help me connect with my Creator, the stories in the Bible are all about people who felt they were not enough, had done things in the past that they regret, have faced doubt and overcome it. It also gives me time to frame my day and ground myself, for we never know what will come up throughout the day we enter into.

Take Care of My Body/Mind/Spirit

I do this right after that half hour with my Creator and my coffee! It might be a long walk with my dog, or on busy days, a short one. It can be doing a 20 minute workout I have found online. Or, it can be a hike in the foothills, depending on my obligations for the day. It always makes me feel better, think more clearly, and keep me happier. I used to hit the gym for about two hours three days a week, now I keep it to 30-60 minutes in the morning and if I have time later, my dog always loves to walk.

Eating healthy and clean, as well as shooting for a daily goal of a gallon of water, really makes a difference in my sense of well being.

Taking time for my creative side is always helpful, as it allows me to get totally lost in space and time, and put my challenges away for a bit. I paint, create jewelry, read something other than business information (my latest book was 'The World of Venice' by Jan Morris, a totally engaging and delightful journey to that beautiful place.

Hocus Pocus, Focus FOCUS!

Stay focused on my OWN forward movement as opposed to promoting others to get to where they want to be. I love to see people succeed, and have spent much of my career helping others. I always say, "A giver has to give." Redirecting that energy back into myself is the only way I am going to move forward, so I am mindfully much more conscious of this now.

Slay My Dragons When They Appear

I call problem solving, dealing with unexpected issues and events 'Slaying Dragons'. I have come to learn that the sooner I slay them, the smaller they stay!

Breathe Deeply When the Anxiety Monkeys are Rattling in the Cage

Many of us deal with anxiety, how can we not in these times? When I notice I am in those moments, I make myself break from what I am doing, and do something else that has nothing to do with what I am working on for 5-10 minutes. Listen to music, get up and dance (good thing I work from home!), something to break that anxiety up.

Leave Room for God

I am a planner. I love to plan and schedule, and I could visualize all day long. Life has taught me that life likes to happen, and often times, I think I must be God's favorite court jester. So, now I leave room for spirit to work.

How to Define Success

Above all, I have redefined 'success' for myself. I used to visualize success as this place that one gets to where they never feel any blips in life again. At this stage of the game of life, I have redefined success to be living this life out with love. Make my decisions based on what is truly right for my client - will it empower them if I include them in the budgeting process if they have a fear of managing their own money? What is the best option for them and their family members? How can I help them address their pain points?

What do you do to take good self-care of you in your small business journey?

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