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Staying Safe, Strong and Inspired in Today's Technological World: How Do Seniors Do It?

Technology has changed our world drastically in the last 50 years, and it is my understanding that this year, we will go through technological transformations that will change this landscape in a nanosecond of what we have experienced before. Now,

'A.I.' - Artificial Intelligence - is being introduced into this landscape with bells, whistles and warnings about the effect this newest technology will have on humankind.

There are many of us in the elder Baby Boomer years who may still prefer to do our banking manually (writing checks, mailing our bills via the U.S.P.S., going into our local financial institution to take care of our business) and we may not even use computers. Yet, we are ALL becoming led more and more into a totally digital banking system. So how do we move through our fears of the unknown to become more technologically literate, including our banking?

One wonderful resource here in the Treasure Valley that I have recently become aware of is LEARNIdaho. This non-profit offers many topics for seniors in learning about technology and how to use a computer. These classes range from online safety, online fraud and scams lectures to all things zoom, as well as computer practice sessions. The classes in the summer run from 10:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. and are held at the Dick Eardley Senior Center in Boise (located close to Fort Boise), and are free to seniors.

The classes are sponsored over the summer by MyDataDiary and ElderberryCare, and here is the link for programs that are offered this summer. The individuals who teach the courses are all professional volunteers who are associated with LEARNIdaho, and all have a vested interest in the Senior population.

I firmly believe that there are just two ways to move through this world. You either fight the 'good' fight, or you fight the 'bad' fight. Since joining LEARNIdaho, I am finding that there are many in my beloved hometown who want to help you fight the 'good' fight.

Stay safe - as you move through this world.

Stay strong - take good care of yourself on all levels - physical, mental, spiritual, financial.

Stay inspired! - or as my Grandma Dove used to sing - "Brighten the corner where you are!"

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