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The Easter Lily and the Peach Pit Part One (originally published 3.21.20)

Sitting here on a Saturday afternoon, doing my best to complete my homework but having to wait for responses on how to actually make the software that is now downloaded onto my laptop work correctly so that I may complete a ‘Word’ class - ITM 104. I feel the anxiety start to arise about current life circumstances in my soul, so I decide to take a quick little break to go outside and plant my Easter lily and a peach tree pit.

Photography - Black Swan Musings

I videotaped the entire process for my family, so that I could let them know I was ok and taking care of myself, thinking of them, and also to learn more about this entire videography technology. It isn’t taking the pictures or creating a video that is a challenge, it is knowing how to use the different social media platforms correctly.

It is hard to know how much to share on social media, how much to say, etc. and I personally prefer phone conversations to anything else. I am a very private person and do my best to keep a private life.

I decided to use these two little plants as something to focus on to care for and maintain through all of this worldwide phenomenon we are now experiencing. My nature is to want to get out and save the world, but I cannot do that. So, I will do what I can, help those that I can, keep myself balanced and positive, and hopefully ride it all through to that ‘Walk on the Blue’ - graduation in May 2020 from Boise State - a lifelong achievement for me.

This will be my ‘gift’ - the story of the Easter Lily and the Peach Pit - two different plants, both with significant meaning. One represents my family and my Christian faith, the other represents caring for those who are not of the same family or faith. Both need the same sunlight, both need water and good soil to grow, both need TLC to bring them into their full fruition and representation of what they are meant to be. One offers faith, one offers food (if it grows into a tree). They both are necessary for existence in this life experience.

Enjoy! - ms. c.e. hesser

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