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The Unexpected Sunflower

I like to make certain that the birds and squirrels have something to eat, so this year I decided to place Black Sunflower seeds in a bowl in my birdbath (as the birds didn't seem interested in it last year) as well as on the top of each side of my garden box. I had been planning to create a 'moon' garden, but things started popping up early from last year's bird, butterfly and bee garden and the strawberries have taken over one third of the garden. I decided to just plant tomatoes and kale and let Mother Nature do her thing.

I am not an expert in gardening, but my neighbor is, so I asked her what kind of plants were coming up that I hadn't recognized from last year. There was alfalfa, rosemary and sunflowers.

I didn't even think about the seeds falling into the garden when the birds and squirrels pay their visit, and yesterday I saw that my first sunflower had bloomed!

Of course, if I had thought through the entire process, I would have realized it was a strong possibility that sunflower seeds would fall into the soil and grow, but my goal was simply to make certain the squirrels and birds had food.

I love the unexpected surprises and miracles in life, don't you?!

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