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#Throat Punch Thursday (It Must Be the Military in Me!)

There is an organization that I follow on LinkedIN called Irish Angel, and they have a saying on this day of the week. They call it #ThroatPunchThursday, and for whatever reason, I get the biggest kick out of this saying: "It's a great day for a great day but be prepared to throat punch any negativity that comes at you."

I am taking that advice today, as I go through the process of verifying myself to LinkedIN, as for whatever reason, (I have a head warmer on, the camera isn't steady, whatever the technological fluke is) I can't verify myself.

Yes, this kind of little aggravation brings out that side of my family that is wrapped up in funeral directing and military work, as we have a different kind of humor that helps us survive in this world.

Verifying myself when I have been the same self all my life. But that's ok, I will NOW KNOW to take that photo when I have my make up on and my hair done right!

Here's to the month of February - the month of #LOVE, #BlackHistoryMonth, my second favorite Zodiac season - #Pisces and........#THROATPUNCHTHURSDAY!

Let it be all that it can be!

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